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Qdoba vs Chipotle

In Restaurant Experience on May 25, 2010 at 4:13 am

I love Mexican food! Alvin, my husband, will tolerate it because I love it. My love of Mexican food has motivated me to try different Mexican food chains: Qdoba, Chipotle, On the Border, Baja Fresh and Blue Moon Cafe.  My favorite is Baja Fresh because they have the best tortilla soup and they also have fish tacos.  My husband eats fish so I he enjoys eating there too, but I know a lot of vegetarians that don’t eat fish.  If you want vegetarian options and the best bang for your buck, I suggest Qdoba.  Everything from the tortilla soup to the burritos have vegetarian options and because the portions or so big, you don’t miss the meat.  At Qdoba, I like to eat the naked burrito with rice, black beans, spicy salsa, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, corn and sour cream.  I also love their pick two which gives me smaller portions of two favorites which are the naked burrito and of course tortilla soup. I have to admit, I eat it with chicken but it is vegetarian before adding pieces of grilled chicken.  I told you, I am married to a vegetarian so I eat meat when the spirit moves me.  If you have a comment about Mexican food chains; let me know.

  1. I love Mexican food just as much as you do. I even like a few a the spots you named. However, technically these chains are TEX-MEX. You want some really Mexican food? – go to Mama Mexico and enjoy the experience.

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