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Is My Boca Broken?

In Cooking Tips, Recipe on June 7, 2010 at 11:00 pm

I love a good, moist and delicious vegetarian  burger.  I usually enjoy a Morningstar or Gardenburger, but what is up with the Boca burgers?  Out of the package, Boca burgers look like hockey pucks and would most likely taste like one.  Boca burgers or dry, tough and tastless without condiments. 

My solution to the Boca burger is cooking it in a different way.  You can’t just pop these bad boys into the microwave, you need to put them in a nice hot, greased skillet after thawing them in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Fry a pattie for 30 second on each side to create a crust.  This is the trick; season with seasoning salt, drop a few drops of water around the pattie to create steam and cover the pan with a lid.  I got my whopper loving friends to give this burger two thumbs up. 

If you want to try something creative, try a Boca gyro.  The texture of this burger imitates lamb well enough for transistional eaters.  While thawing the burger in the microwave, saute a few slices of onion.  Remove onions and add burger to a greased frying pan.  Fry about 2 minutes on each side.  Let cool to touch, then cut pattie into 3 strips.  Toast your flatbread in the greased skillet.  Assemble the ingredients like a gyro and top with homemade yogurt sauce made up of greek yogurt, fresh mint and cucumbers.  Enjoy!

So to answer the question about your Boca burger; it isn’t broken you just need to adjust your technique.

  1. very cool sandra

    • Thanks Nnenna, I plan on checking your blog out tonight. Blogs are fun but it’s work isn’t it?

  2. I usually buy California burgers. They are vegan and glutten free. They can also be bought organic. They taste pretty good and are extremely filling!

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