Not Just Tofu

Easy Pasta

In Cooking Tips, Recipe on June 30, 2010 at 3:48 am



 As promised, I have added recipes to the blog.  Be the first to try one of my original recipes.  The complete menu for this simple and delicious meal can be found on the Recipe page of the site; the bonus is that my recipes have pictures to help guide you. 

The picture you are drooling over is Soy Bolognese.  I don’t think that people realize how easy it is to convert a meat based dish into a vegetable dishes.  Original Bolognese is made with ground beef onions, celery, carrots and garlic. In my version, I used onions, carrots, peppers and garlic and added frozen soy granules instead of ground beef as a substitute for that meaty texture.  


The next time you warm bottled tomato sauce, add frozen spinach into the sauce and you will  increase the fiber and calcium intake by double the original amount.  You will also get your children to eat veggies because they will think it’s either oregano or parsley. 

What about lasagna?  You can buy a 30 year old cheese lasagna from your grocer’s freezer  or you can learn to make a vegetable lasagna with spinach, carrots, scallions with ricotta or tofu for you vegans.  I promise I will post my recipe for “Not your Mama’s Lasagna” which is Deidranne’s,  my carnivore sister, favorite.

I invite you to challenge me to create a vegetarian version of a tradtional pasta dish.  I may not satisfy that pancetta craving or the turkey sausage hankering, but I will leave you satisfied.   


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