Not Just Tofu

I Found Istanbul in Brooklyn

In Restaurant Experience on August 8, 2010 at 11:20 pm

Have you ever gone into a restaurant without rhyme or reason?  This pass weekend, Blossom, my girlfriend, and I had the pleasure of eating at “Istanbul Park” in Brooklyn, NY.  On the way to the car, we looked around for a restaurant to have lunch and there was “Istanbul Park.” This restaurant served Turkish and Mediterranean food in a cozy, chic setting.  One of my favorite things about Blossom, my friend, is that she is a foodie like me; we are open to eating anything vegetarian.

Cozy Istanbul Park

When the waiter brought us the menu, we didn’t know what most of the dishes were but we excited to taste it all.  Vegetarians have options here.   I find that there are a lot of options for vegetarians if they are willing to try international food.  We ordered the cold appetizer sampler which is a sampling of all their appetizers which included humus, babaganoush, eggplant salad, grape leaves, yogurt sauce and sautéed spinach with really great olives.  This sampler comes in two portion sizes, large and small. We opted for the small which was only $10.95 and came with fresh warm focaccia like bread.  Our hot appetizers were falafel served with a side of humus and Sigar Boregi which are fried phyllo pastry filled with Feta cheese and parsley.  These dishes average $6.00 each and can easily serve 2 people.

The highlight of the meal was the desserts; they were delicious!  We could have just eaten baklava but we have had it before.  Instead we opted for Almond Pudding and Rice Pudding.  Yes, I know what rice pudding is but after eating this dish, I will never eat the stuff in the orange container again.  The restaurant manager gave us a dessert on the house because he felt compassion for 2 women who couldn’t make up their mind.  I am so glad he was so nice because what he brought us was better than the desserts we ordered.  Kazandibi is a flan like dessert that I can not pronounce but translates into Brown Top Pudding.  This pudding was soooooo goooood!!!!  It was made from milk, sugar and vanilla but it had a deep flavor like coffee.

I give Istanbul Park 3 out of 4 stars because it was a great experience.  It ended up being a great hidden jewel that most people probably pass by everyday.  So the next time you are curious about a restaurant, just try it.  You can find out more about Istanbul Park’s menu, take out and catering services at

  1. Not just Tofu by Sandra is a must try!!!! The unique combination of herbs, vegetables and spices give her dishes a delicious favor. I have tried several of Sandra’s dishes and find it to be the best vegetarian food I have ever tasted…Sandra puts her heart in soul into the food she prepares and the presentation is so inviting.
    I will be your ginny pig anyday, anytime….

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