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What Kind of Vegetarian Are You?

In Editorial, Restaurant Experience on August 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm

There is more than one type of vegetarian.  Which vegetarian have you decided to be? 

Most Popular Vegetarian Categories

  1. Fruitarian:  will not kill any animal or plant for food.
  2. Lacto Vegetarian:  eat dairy but no eggs are included in this diet.
  3. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian:  eat dairy and eggs
  4. Pescatarian: eat fish and shellfish      
  5. Vegan: will not eat dairy products or eggs.

Su Healthy Cuisine - Edgewater, NJ

As you see, there is a range in lifestyle.  Most beginners are Pescatarian because it not as strict as the other types.  For me, being a vegan is not even an option but Alvin has considered once or twice.  I know a couple of vegans and eating out is a challenge.  Fortunately, I came across a vegan restaurant in Edgewater, NJ called “Su”.  While reading “Bergen Magazine”, Lisa Oz (Dr. Oz) wife reported that she is a fan of this restaurant.  I am making this spot one of my “need to try” restaurants for Not Just Tofu.  The strictest diet is that of a Fruitarian because they will not kill even plants for food.  No matter your choice, it is all possible. 

I have chosen to be a part time demi- vegetarian.  What does that mean?  It means that 75% of my diet is based on vegetarian dishes and 25% on meat which I consider to be poultry and red meat.   My husband is a Pescatarian, due to our Seventh Day Adventist beliefs we do not include shellfish or scavengers in our diet.  As a Seventh Day Adventist, it is encouraged that believers respect their temple (body) by eating the “original diet” of fruits, vegetables, beans and grains.  It has been well documented that exercisers of this belief are among the healthiest in the world.  Check out the PBS documentary “The Adventist” which documents the vegetarian beliefs of the church.

I don’t know your reason for becoming a vegetarian.  For many folks, it is health issue.  For this generation, the decision is based on disgust for animal cruelty to the point that they won’t even wear leather. I admire folks who make the decision not to eat meat.  I haven’t made the decision to become a full-time vegetarian but the changes that I have made have helped me to lose weight, improve my complexion and digestion.  No matter your choice, you can do it!  Do it for your body, your family and most of all for you.

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