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In Englewood, Local Eats, Restaurant Experience on August 24, 2010 at 1:25 am

Do You Know This Address? 

The building in the picture is known by a few herbivores and carnivores in the Englewood, NJ area.  It has been acknowledged in both the NY Times and the Bergen Record as a great place to eat.  Why? This little gem is “Best Dumplings” and has the greatest dumplings I have ever tasted.  I used to order my dumplings from the Chinese food restaurants but not anymore.  These Korean dumplings are light and full of flavor.  I recommend the vegetable dumplings that are filled with cabbage, carrots, scallions, lo mein noodles and are wrapped in dumpling wrappers that can be steamed or fried. 

Today I introduced my little dumpling spot to two of my coworkers who are dumpling eaters but have never had them from Best Dumplings.  I ordered my usual of 8 fried vegetable dumplings with ginger dipping sauce for $5.00.  One coworker ordered steamed kim chi dumplings and the other ordered dumpling soup but with chicken dumplings.  We shared and sampled each others’ dumplings and invited our other coworker who was intrigued by the aroma.  After she sampled the different dumplings, she too wanted to find Best Dumplings.  For the first time, I sampled kim chi dumplings and LOVE them!  They are a little spicy and full of flavor and worth every bit of the $6.00 she spent. 

My husband and I love Best Dumplings.  I have never regretted going into the restaurant that didn’t look like a restaurant.  If anything, I think that it is one or the best find in Englewood.  The costs are low; 8 pieces for $5.00 or 12 pieces for $7.00.  They also have freshly made frozen dumplings available for you to cook at home.  Besides the dumplings, I also like the buns which I never had before trying them at Best Dumplings.  Another product that I find necessary to have in my pantry is their Ginger Dipping Sauce made in house.  This stuff is not just for dumplings, I used it in stir fry, over home made lo mein and even vegetable egg rolls.  It is a little bit spicy but not to the point where you have to run to a glass of water.

You know a place is good when your non-vegetable eating 7-year-old tells you that he likes them.  Another sign of a good restaurant is when you see the police make it one of their spots.  I am telling you, try Best Dumplings, you will not be disappointed.  You may never eat a dumpling from the Chinese food restaurant again.

Best Dumplings located at 16 Humphrey Street, Englewood, NJ 07631

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