Not Just Tofu


In Englewood, Franchises, Local Eats, Restaurant Experience on September 13, 2010 at 5:57 am

Curious about Indian food?  Do you think that Indian food is all curries and heat?  I have a solution for your curiosity, Namaskaar.  Namaskaar is a well known Indian restaurant with locations in Soho and Englewood.  The Englewood location at 120 Grand Avenue offers a cozy atmosphere to try new dishes.  How is Namaskaar a solution?  Namaskaar offers a lunch buffet that lets you sample their curries, dahl, naan and rices.  Please keep in mind that the buffet is not only for vegetarians but is vegetarian friendly. The bonus is dessert which is included in your $10 buffet (please try their version of rice pudding).  Namaskaar is also convenient, you don’t have to eat there; the buffet is also to-go.  You can fill a small foil pan with all that will fill and a separate container with your dessert. 

If you can’t make it for lunch, there is always dinner.  I suggested that Alvin and I go out to dinner at Namaskaar for a date night and we were pleasantly surprised to see a section of the menu called “Vegetarian Dinners”.  I fell in love with their Coconut Cauliflower which is cauliflower in coconut sauce infused with Indian spices.  I loved it so much that I am working on a version for NOT JUST TOFU.  Alvin had Kofta Saag Masala, mixed vegetable dumplings cooked in a creamy spinach sauce.  I loved his dish but not as much as mine.    

What some of you may know or not know is that Indian food is very vegetarian friendly. A lot of their dishes are made from vegetables and peas and are not always curried.  Don’t assume that the food is always spicy; there are a multitude of flavors and textures involved in Indian cooking.  The major spice is in Indian cooking is garam masala which is the Indian version of seasoning salt without the salt.  If you add garam masala to your rice or lentils, you can introduce your taste buds to Indian flavors.  McCormick spices make garam masala widely available to the curious cook in the grocery aisle.  I purchased garam masala for myself and have made a multitude of dishes, similar to the channa masala found at  If you feel daring and don’t want to do the work, find a great restaurant near you and get to ordering.  It is nice to give yourself a break from the ordinary, visit Namaskaar for lunch, for dinner or just for dessert.

To find out more about Namaskaar, visit


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