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Restaurant Review: Blue Plate Special

In Englewood, Local Eats, Restaurant Experience on September 22, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Last week, my coworkers went out for lunch on Palisade Avenue in Englewood, NJ.  In previous articles, I have mentioned the abundance of vegetarian friendly restaurants in Englewood, NJ and today was no exception.  We chose to go to the franchise Blue Moon Cafe which offers Tex-Mex cuisine.  I went to lunch with a game plan of paying no more than $10 bucks for lunch.  I know you want to know if that is possible? Yes it is.

After looking over their lunch menu, I almost gave up on my budget of $10 but then there it was…the blue plate special. I was able to order a mixed vegetable enchilada with black beans and yellow rice.  The trick to eating at Blue Moon is not to fill up on the salsa and chips before the meal comes.  I love their salsa, it is not too heavy for the chips or too spicy my palette.  Most of the time when you go to a Tex-Mex restaurant you have to be weary if the sides because they can be cooked with lard or chicken stock but Blue Moon’s sides are vegetarian.  In my mixed vegetable enchilada, I expected onions and peppers but I was nicely surprised.  The enchilada had broccoli, zucchini and mushrooms with peppers and onions rolled in a flour tortilla topped with a nicely seasoned sauce and lovely melted cheese that I topped with salsa.  By the time I finished that meal, not having meat was not a concern.  Because the meal is so seasoned, I did not want a sugary drink, I drank water with lemon wedges which was free.  This meal cost me $8 and I contributed a $2 tip. 

Success, I was able to order a filling vegetarian meal for $8.  This just goes to say that a restaurant does not have to be vegetarian to feed a vegetarian.  As I always say, vegetarians always have more options when they eat international.  Blue Moon offers a good variety of  vegetarian alternatives that also include vegetarian chili.   I suggest ordering the sampler which allows  you try 2 or 3 dishes for $13 bucks. 

My Blue Moon is located at 21 East Palisade, Englewood, NJ.  For more locations and information please check out

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