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In Uncategorized on September 28, 2010 at 3:55 am

While shopping for something to eat late one night, I challenged myself to find something vegetarian to eat from the grocery store.  I am use to seeing Amy’s Organic frozen meals, but I wasn’t excited nor in the mood for that.  It then dawned on me that vegetarians have a challenging time finding quick meals.  This epiphany led me to an experiment; taste test frozen vegetarian meals.


Amy’s Organic frozen meals are not all vegetarian but provide a good variety.  My coworkers like Amy’s and often use them for quick lunches.  After trying a vegetarian Indian dish from Amy’s line, I understood why my coworkers choose this to be their go to meal.  My only problem with the meal I bought is that the rice still had water in it after I warmed it up.  I suggest warming it thoroughly to evaporate the water or use the water to help thin the gravy. 



My favorite new product is the line of frozen meals made by Lightlife.  Vegetarians know Lightlife to be the creator of some of their favorite meat substitutes.  Why do I like this product?  Beside it being tasty, it is also figure friendly.  If you are on Weight Watchers, the label shows you the point value of the meal so you can keep within your plan.  While most prepared foods are high in sodium, Lightlife is conscious of it.  I tested the Shanghai Fried Rice which came with the sauce in pouch.  The meal with all the sauce had 22% of my daily servings of sodium, so I opted to drizzle 1/3 of the sauce.  I preferred the rice over Amy’s because it didn’t have any extra water and the vegetables were still crunchy, which is impressive for something coming out of a microwave.  kosher foods don’t focus on vegetarian dishes but offer a few meals that vegetarians should to know about. 


Tabatchnick kosher foods don’t focus on vegetarian dishes but offer a few meals that vegetarians should to know about.  My favorite is the split pea soup which does not have any meat or stock.  FYI, not everything made without meat is vegetarian.  A lot of times, I find chicken stock or fat in meatless products such as box rice kits and soups.   Tabatchnick also make a vegetarian chili which can comfort even the hungriest meat eater on a cold day.

I am finding knew products and I feel it is my duty to report them to you.  So try some of the vegetarian frozen meals but beware of 3 things.  First, read the labels for animal products in meatless prepared foods.  Secondly, watch out for high sodium which can lead you to high blood pressure.  Lastly, don’t settle for tasteless food.  Vegetarians deserve healthy, honest and delicious food just like those eating meat.

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