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Viva La Farmer’s Market

In Editorial, Event, Products, Uncategorized on September 28, 2010 at 3:36 am

When is the last time you visited your neighborhood Farmer’s Market?  Every Friday for the last 2 months, Englewood has hosted a farmer’s market.  When most people think about the farmer’s market, they think about organic fruits and vegetables from your state farmer.  I have news for you; the market is more than fruits and vegetables.   The farmer’s market offers natural toiletries, artisanal bread, organic honey and much more from local companies that put product over profit.

This past Friday, I visited the farmer’s market and was quietly surprised to see the great variety of produce and products.  I was able to find bell peppers of every color that didn’t look like they hadn’t been through the war.  The pretty mini gourds inspired me to conquer my fear of cooking them.  Even though we are heading into October, farmer’s market offers you a chance to reap the last of the harvest.

Alstede Farms was one of the two farms selling on Friday.  I was also introduced to local vendors that produce natural products.  For instance, Made with Love, bakes organic breads, cookies and cakes.  Made with Love also teaches and host cooking classes for kids that can teach you how to bake organically at home which is great for kids with Celiac disease. 

Mrs. Miller produces natural pickles, jams, jellies and organic honey. Bodhi is small company owned by a fellow Englewood resident, Tom Naso.  Bodhi produces natural soaps, body oils and lip balms.  I bought the best spelling Spearmint soap that has a wrapper that you can plant and watch grow.  After using it for a few days, I can honestly say that I would buy this product again and try others scents in the future. 

October 29th is the last day to shop at Englewood’s farmer’s market.  Take time this week to visit your neighborhood’s market.  Outside of Whole Foods, the farmer’s market is your best chance of finding that unique ingredient to create that gourmet meal.  Don’t miss out on the great organic and natural products that you just can’t find in your local grocery store.

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