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Vegetarian Friendly: Teaneck ,NJ

In Editorial, Local Eats, Restaurant Experience on October 1, 2010 at 3:17 pm

I always brag about how vegetarian friendly Englewood, NJ is.  I guess it must be contagious because the neighboring town of Teaneck offers vegetarians a variety of great places to eat.

Meat Substitute King

 My Veggie Heaven is located right on Cedar Lane, the main shopping street of Teaneck, but they have a location in Montclair, NJ too.  Vegetarians can choose from tofu to mock shrimp at this place.  Veggie Heaven is the king of meat substitutes.  The first time I went to this restaurant, I ate a plate of mock fish, lobster and shrimp in a garlic sauce over brown rice.  I am still not a fan of  brown rice but I was pleased with the meat substitutes.  As a person who is not a vegetarian, I would suggest Veggie Heaven because it looks like meat but is a lot healthier.  The prices are moderate, you definetly need a few bucks to eat here.  I do not suggest the vegetable rice, it lacks flavor and a variety of vegetables.  When you order here, order things you wouldn’t make at home.

Indian Cuisine

As a lover of international eats, I have to suggest Taj Palace which offers Indian cuisine.  It is public knowledge that Indian cuisine is vegetarian friendly because of their Buddhist beliefs.  According to everyone I know who has eaten there, they would refer it to their friends.  I have not had an opportunity to eat here, but definetely have it on my list of places to try.  

Kosher Vegetarian Eats


Shelly’s offers kosher vegetarian cuisine, which makes this place unique.  What is so great about Shelly’s is that you can order homestyle food to go.  When I am short on time to create dinner, I depend on Shelly’s and places like it to help me get dinner on the table quickly.  The prices are moderate, but the food is quality.  They offer fish on their menu which is great for pescatarians. One day I aim to eat in their dining area which reminds me of a 1950’s soda shop.

 A lot of the times when I go out with friends or my husband, it is out to eat.  I am always challenged to find places where both carnivores and herbivores can share a meal that they can both enjoy.  Over the last couple of years, I have had some real luck finding some great place to eat.  If you know of local eateries that are vegetarian or vegetarian friendly, please share in comments.


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