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Where to shop?

In Editorial on October 1, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Many times people will ask me “Where can I buy vegetarian products?”  This question ranges from seasoned tofu to mock duck (gluten product).  Over the last couple of years, grocery stores have increased the variety of vegetarian products which make it easier for dual- diet households. I know that Shoprite offers the Red Mill line of goods which includes TVP.  I have even been able to find Morningstar and Boca in Target.  Even with all their improvements, there is still a limit on what you can find in your grocery store.  I know of a couple places that carry a great variety of what you might need to maintain your vegetarian lifestyle.

Fairway truly lives up to its slogan; they are like no other market.  Not only does Fairway have the biggest variety of vegetarian products that I have seen, it also has a great variety of produce.  Whenever I am looking for a unique vegetable, this is the first place I look.  All the brands listed on my meat substitutes page are available at Fairway.  It was there that I first found the Quorn mock turkey roll which is similar to turkey breast, ideal for Thanksgiving. They also sell the condiments like soy cream cheese, cottage cheese and mayonnaise that are not readily available in all grocery stores.  Fairway opened in Paramus, NJ about 1 year ago but it has locations in New York too.  For more locations visit their website:

We have all become familiar with Whole Foods because they have been popping up all over New Jersey.  In Bergen County alone, they have 3 locations.  What is so great at Whole Foods?  First, they only sell organic produce.  Secondly their bulk grain bins lets you try a little bit of everything, from quinoa to flax seeds.  Third, they too offer a great range of vegetarian groceries that extend into the prepared foods department.  Don’t have time to make dinner?  They offer the BEST salad bars and prepared foods that range from quinoa salad to vegetarian corn and potato chowder.  Be careful if you are on a budget, the salad bar can easily come up to $10.00 per person.  Regardless of the price, I love Whole Foods. To find a location near you visit

Trader Joe’s has also been popping up in Bergen County over the last 2 years.  With 2 locations in Paramus and Edgewater, shoppers have a chance to try their off the beaten path brands.  I especially like to buy their Dark Chocolate covered Cranberries.  Trader Joe’s is also great for frozen vegetarian groceries.  You can buy vegetarian tamales,  frozen gluten-free pizza and international packaged meals.  Prices are not bad on some things, I wouldn’t buy produce in there because a lot of the time they charge per piece. For a Trader Joe’s near you, visit

If these grocery stores are not available where you are, try your local health food stores.  In northern Bergen County we are fortunate to have Alyward, Aquarius and The Health Spot which offer vegetarian groceries.  I know that Alywards (located in Englewood and Hackensack) offers both Worthington and Loma Linda frozen and canned vegetarian meat substitute lines. I suggest that you keep your eyes open wherever you shop, you might find something you missed before.


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