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Restaurant: IMHOTEP’S

In Local Eats, New York, Restaurant Experience on November 28, 2010 at 12:59 am

 You probably are wondering why my restaurant reviews outside of NJ are in Brooklyn?  My in-laws live in Brooklyn, so I have become comfortable in that neck of the woods. 

“IMHOTEP’S” is a vegan restaurant and health food store with West Indian roots.  It is set up like Boston Market with the food already prepared, all you have to do is choose which meal you would like.  After speaking with the owner, I disclosed that “IMHOTEP’S” stands for “He Who Comes With Blessings.”

 So let’s rate IMHOTEP’S.

Appearance: misleading – it does not look like a restaurant.  The front of the establishment is a store which sells vegetarian products.  Prepared foods are served in the back.

Food: There is a variety of dishes.  The most interesting were the mock chicken drumsticks which were made of a soy product formed around a thin wooden rod.  The mock drumstick came fried or bbq’d.  Other dishes included a veggie chunk stew, rice and peas and stewed squash.  They also serve homemade vegan cakes.  The day I visited, they were serving carrot cake.  I love carrot cake, but not vegan carrot cake.  I always find it dry and this version was no different. I tried a few spoonfuls of the meal and gave the rest to Alvin, not to say that is wasn’t good it just wasn’t for me. 

Cost: affordable – I bought a complete meal for $8.00. 

Overall review:  An occassional vegetarian as myself may find this type of vegan fare daunting.  I think that I may have mentioned that I am not a lover of mock meats and they serve more than I like.  I prefer my vegetarian food to be light and fresh.  IMHOTEP’S serves comfort style food that sticks to the bones.  If you are a vegan…this is heaven.  If you are me…it is a new experience worth having.


734 Nostrand Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11216


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