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Article: Veg Edge, the beginning of vegetarian tv

In Editorial on December 27, 2010 at 2:47 am

Today I was fortunate to catch the replayof ” Veg Edge” on The Cooking Channel.  Was is Veg Edge?  Veg Edge is an hour long cable program highlighting the vegetarian movement happening across America.  My only question is, why don’t we have a daily vegetarian cooking cable program on either The Cooking Channel or Food Network.  They have shows dedicated to international cooking, desserts, eating healthy but not one show about vegetarian cooking. After watching the program, you realize that this lifestyle is truly taking off. 

I also realized that for the first time, Eastern US is catching up to Western US.  For instance, Portland, Oregon is populated with vegetarian restaurants where as New York is more of a steak and potato place.  One restaurant that I am dying to try is Dirt Candy imn New York City.  A fan of Iron Chef America, Chef Amanda Cohen’s take on broccoli as the secret ingredient was very impressive.  She was also highlighted in the program and quoted to say “Anyone can make a hamburger, leave the vegetables to the professionals.” I hope that I will be able to enjoy her vegetarian creations soon but for now I will follow her blog/website  Maybe it’s because we don’t have local year round farmer’s markets like California or get to enjoy the outdoors like Oregon why we are playing catch up to the west coast movement of vegetarian cooking.

I also realized that they didn’t only fill this program with commentary from vegetarians, they included meat eaters who just wanted a change of pace.  That message is right in line with the Not Just Tofu’s philosphy that vegetarian cooking is not just for vegetarians but for anybody who is looking to eat better.  After watching this program, it made me want to get back into my kitchen and cook creatively.  I know that Not Just Tofu is targeted to help beginners, but I think we have been playing it too safe.  I think that with the new year approaching we should vow to become better cooks and eaters.  I am not saying that we have to eat wheat grass and switch to agave nectar.  What I am saying is that there are a multitude of greens besides kale, collard greens and spinach; we need to try dandelion, mustard and turnip greens.  Let’s not use fresh ingredients on the side but make them the highlight of our meal.

Back to my original question; why hasn’t The Cooking Channel or Food Network created a show focusing on vegetarian cooking.  I hope the Ved Edge is their first step to putting a highlight on a strong and fast movement that not helps vegetarians but meat eaters too.  Maybe we need to start a petition.  For now, if you are looking for a vegetarain cooking show, try Delicious TV (beginner friendly) or Christina Cooks (advanced) on PBS or your public television stations.  


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