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Restaurant: Panera Bread

In Restaurant Experience on January 27, 2011 at 12:19 am

You know why I really like eating at Panera Bread?  I like Panera Bread because it is a vegetarian friendly, cafe style, eatery that provides quality goods and great service.  Really people?  I love Panera because it taste so good.  From the freshly made pastries to a great panini, if I could eat there everyday I probably would.  Unfortunately that quality comes with a price that only allows me to treat myself on pay-day. 

While sick with Bell’s Palsy, I introduced my mom to Panera for the first time.  My mom is a picky eater. Hardly is any restaurant up to her standards but she was willing to take my recommendation, especially because I was paying for it. My sister had always raved about their ice green tea, which I agree is very refreshing.  When she tasted her fresh sandwich with real meat and the creamy tomato soup, she realized why we love this place.  It is now a place where we can eat worry free. 

Remember I am not a vegetarian so finding a place for both Alvin and I to eat is always tricky. At Panera,  their vegetarian friendly menu offers a variety of dishes that allow me to eat meat while he eats what he likes.  He particularly enjoys the”Pick Two” option which let’s you pick  1/2 portions of 2 of their items which include soup, salad and any sandwich on the menu.  The sandwich option may not have much variety for a vegetarian but you can pick from 3 of the vegetarians soup which include the Creamy Tomato Soup, Black Bean Soup and the Garden Vegetable soup with Pesto.  You can pretty much have every salad, just tell them to hold the meat.  If you get the soup in a bowl, you will be filled by the end of the meal.

Trying to lose a few pounds?  Panera has adopted the public calorie count system which post how many calories are in each item on their menu and in their bakery.  Having this information made me change my choice from the Creamy Tomato soup to the Garden Vegetable soup which has 1/2 the calories.  I opted to have the dressing on the side of my Greek salad as another way to control my calorie intake.  Weight Watchers would be proud of my newly adopted conscious eating habits, definitely better than going to McDonalds.  A typical meal averages out at $7.50 but isn’t your health worth it? 

Don’t forget that Panera is open for breakfast too.  Unfortunately, it is too far from my house for me to enjoy but the bagels are great.  While you are there for your meal don’t forget to pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread.  We especially love the Honey Wheat loaf which I toast and top with Nutella. For more information, please visit Panera at

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