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Product Review: Tofurky Sausage

In Food on January 22, 2012 at 7:51 am

I don’t know how many of you are like me, skeptical about meat substitutes.  I know nothing will replaced my fry chicken but there are a few products that are keeping me open-minded about meat substitutes.  In my early cooking adventures, I was familiar with Morningstar, Loma Linda and Worthington brands but in the last 5 years a few brands have become popular. 

Tofurky is most popular from their turkey roast that people have used on their thanksgiving table for years.  Sorry Tofurky, I am not a lover of the roast which made me suspect about trying another product from their line.  In an effort to create a quick meal on a budget for Alvin, I came across Tofurkey Kielbsa and Italian Sausage at Whole Foods.  The price was right at $2.99 for 4 sausage links.  With sausage and peppers in mind, I purchased the product. 

The aroma of the sausage were reminiscent of turkey sausage with fennel and garlic.  The texture was sturdy which allowed me to cut the sausage on the bias.  I browned the sliced sausage in olive oil and they didn’t fall apart.  They actually browned nicely which created a bit of crunch which is good because it stood up to the sauce.  After browning the sausage and sauting it with onions, garlic and bell peppers, I added tomato sauce and a 1/2 cup of vegetable broth.  When it was all done, it looked like sausage and peppers. 

The most important test is the taste test.  Alvin tried it right of the pot, as he usually does.  He like it but then he likes most meat substitutes.  It then came time for my meat eating taste buds to try it.  In the past, I have tried veggie sausage and didn’t like it because it left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.  To my surprise, no bitter aftertaste.  I really enjoyed it becuase the texture was firm and not soggy and it absorbed the sauce like regular sausage.  I have since put this product on my weekly grocery list as a staple for sandwiches or pasta dishes.

So for all you new vegetarians and vegans, this is a tasty product that will enjoy.  I have served dishes with the Tofurky sausage without any complaints from meat-eaters.  This product has not made it to all the chain grocery stores but if you are fortunate enough to live by a Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Fairway you can find it there.  So try it and let me know what you were able to do with it. 

Send me an email with some of the products you would like me to review. 

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