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In Cool Stuff, Editorial, Products, Publications and Blogs on March 6, 2012 at 5:42 pm

 So I have a confession; I like Martha Stewart.  Why do I feel that is something to confess?  She isn’t received by all as a nice person.  Rumor has it that she is a bit of control freak but aren’t most successfull people?  Among many of her publications, she has created Whole Living to expose the holistic, environmentally friendly, and healthy lifestyles that is becoming popular. The catch phrase is body+soul in balance and I think that Not Just Tofu is trying to spread that same message.

 It is while reading the February 2012 edition that I became inspired to go on a detox.  Granted, I am not following the plan step for step, I took the base principles and made them my own.  I like this magazine for so many reasons besides the food.  The magazine focuses on fitness, beauty, home living, fashion because they realize that just because you decide to live “whole” you didn’t become a hippie.  There is nothing with being “hippie” for lack of a better word, but I am still concerned about what I look like, how my home looks and how my life works.  This is where “in balance” comes into play because living your best life means finding the best way to balance every aspect of your world. 

One of the articles that I have found helpful are “Muscles in Slow Motion”  which provided me with a doable exercise routine because I had been looking for an exercise video that my Lupus ridden muscles and joints could tolerate.  I also  appreciate that the magazine is not full of your typical advertisments.  A lot of the advertisements are made up of environementally friendly and natural products.  Instead of seeing page long ads for every pill on the market you will find ads for vitamins, tonics and natural grocer products.  Besides Vegetarian Times, where else can you find information, products and advertisements not focused on my main stream publications?

Unfortunately, the magazine is not found everywhere.  I purchased my year-long subscription through a online coupon site for $7.  You will find this magazine at Barnes and Nobles and other book stores that offer an extensive variety of periodicals.  If you can’t find it, sign up on their website where you can get some of the same information and receive their newsletter with recipes, tips and more.

Some of the cover stories for March 2012 include:

  • Globally Gorgeous: Simple skin secrets from around the world
  • Power Plants: Breate health into every room
  • Natural Beauty: 25 Ways to nourish and pamper yourself inside and out
  • Pesto Change-O: Transform your meals with inspired new takes on the Italian classic

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