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Balancing Act

In Editorial on October 29, 2012 at 11:41 pm

At 36 years old, I am not only a wife, mother, employee, volunteer but I am now a full time student at the local community college.  When my youngest was 3 yrs old, I had wanted to go to school to study Culinary Arts but his hearing had just been tested and it was confirmed that he had fluid in his ears. As a mom, I put my child first and made a decision to do whatever it took to get him “normal”.  Lucas is now 5; he tested with perfect hearing and a speech delay so he gets speech therapy twice a week.  I don’t regret waiting. 

The balancing act has been more than a challenge for me. Between the Dr. appointments, the parent-teacher conferences, work, classes, meetings…I am a mess. Do you remember watching Oprah and seeing those miraculous women who got the impossible done? They are the women that I remember at midnight when I am trying to finish my homework. I can’t quit because I don’t want my kids or my sister to think it is OK to quit.

Living for the Weekend

I know that I am doing this to better the lives of my children, to lighten the financial responsibility on my husband but most of all to fulfill my potential.  I want to be a chef, a private chef to be exact. Until I make it, I will just write about my adventures, my experiments and my excitement.


Baking 101: I Made These

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Baking 101: I Made These

Baking 101 never tasted or smelled so good. Just when I thought I couldn’t bake, 3 hours later on a Monday morning these beauties came out of the oven smelling like the best Danish pastries EVER! Good job to my teammates Johnny and Christine!

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