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Product Review: Teavana

In Editorial, Food on January 17, 2013 at 5:58 pm

I have a confession to make…I don’t like coffee. I find  it bitter like burnt chocolate.  Among my friends, you will not hear us say let’s go out for coffee; most of my friends don’t drink coffee either.  Interesting fact, most Seventh Day Adventist don’t drink coffee because of the caffeine.  Caffeine is seen as a drug and reasonably so due to its addictive characteristic and  it’s effects on the body over time.

In the past, I would drink an ice coffee along with my 2 liquid Advil to rid myself of a migraine.  After visiting a neurologist, she made me give up all caffeine. Even though I thought it was helping me, she let me know that the caffeine was feeding a craving my body had developed  for caffeine when it ran low in my system.  I can honestly say that my new regimen which also includes a medication has been my most successful attempt at ridding myself of migraines that would usually last for days.

teapotSo what do I drink you ask? I drink tea.    My most recent adventure  lead me to  Teavana which is the Starbucks of tea.  This tea boutique sells various types of loose tea that they sell by weight and tea brewing accessories such as teapots and cups.  Brewing a top-notch cup of tea takes a few more minutes than seeping a teabag but the taste is so worth it.    Before Teavana,  I would have to drink packaged herbal tea and loved the brand Stash teas but it does not match to loose tea leaves.  Why tea?  They are a healthier way to break a fast hence the word break-fast, drinking something warm gets rid of the gas that accumulates overnight. Some people don’t believe it but most West Indians drink tea in the morning for that very reason. Try it for 2 weeks and let me know if you notice a difference.  Even though the teas I drink are not all 100% caffeine free, they don’t amp me up.  Drinking iced teas have less sugar than drinking a cup of juice.  Herbal teas have medicinal benefits:

  • peppermint tea helps to calm ease a stomach ache
  • chamomile tea helps calm stress
  • garlic tea breaks up mucus
  • ginger tea eases upset stomach

What are my favorites? I started with a Chai white tea blend: Samurai Chai Mate & White Ayurvedic Chai.  I use this blend to make a soy latte with brown sugar and vanilla soy milk;  this is a great morning perk. For the holidays, I treated myself to  Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong Tea which is an elegant slightly fruity tea that I am tired of drinking peppermint tea.  My ultimate favorite is the caffeine free Berry Mint Cassis , a rooibos tea, which is good both cold and hot.

teavanaPicWhy Teavana?

  • Health benefits of  the variety of teas 
  • Educated store personal
  • Specialty tea tools

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