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Dear Reader,

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Dear Reader,

I watch almost every cooking show on the Food Network.  I read recipe after recipe from every magazine. I buy and borrow cookbook after cookbook only to  be inspired not to cook a new recipe.  My household is not full of foodies and I can’t afford to experiment just for experiment sake.  The aim of this blog is to share my original recipes and test published recipes so you don’t have to.  Lately I haven’t tried anything new.  I am starting to wonder if I should keep posting on the blog.  

002A lot of the time I cook dinner and I forget to take pretty pictures.  According to all the blog guides, to keep people loyal to your site you need pictures.  I have seen some impressive pictures at and and know that my point and shoot camera can’t compete.  Then I see the frequency of post on and say she must not have kids why she is able to be so consistent.  I  just feel like there has got to be more I can write but I don’t know.  

I ask questions and rarely do you, the reader, answer.  The first year of the blog, when I was writing almost daily, I was able to have 5000 views over the course of a year.  The blog is 3 years old and I still haven’t broke 10,000 views.  Is it my pictures? Is it the fact that I don’t write every day or every week? Maybe you rather read about healthy but you don’t want to cook healthy. If there was only something I could write about that would produce a consistent product for both you and I to apply to our lives, but I have drawn a blank.  What should I do? Do I stop? Do I go on? I do feel I have more to share but I may need a new platform. 

So I ask you the question, what do you want to read about when you visit Not Just Tofu?        


  1. Hi Sandra,
    I hear your frustration and call for advise. In my opinion consistency is key…you said it yourself, when you were blogging almost everyday you had 5,000 viewers. I personally think you should have a designated day that you blog. We are visual human beings so the pictures are important. Additionally, I find a shopping list helpful and where you can buy the products. I also know some people don’t like to cook everyday, perhaps showing us what we can do with the left overs that would be a great dinner/lunch the next day. Whether it be adding a different vegetable using the products we purchased.
    You are talented, intelligent and very capable of making this work. You have a lot on your plate. Just take one project and give it your all for a specific time and see if it pays off.
    I also liked the restaurant blogs, maybe get different restaurants involved, they might want to be featured that week..?????
    Search within and let your passion guide you…. I know you can do it.

    Love ya,

    • Hi,
      This is the 1st time that I am visiting my own blog and surprised to see your response. I just want to say thank you so much. I guess I was writing with hopes of success and success seems so far away. I was down especially because I realized how much Lupus would have an impact on my career. I think I was writing for others to answer your question. If I can get pass my disappointment then I will try to write just for me. I admit, I do miss it.

    • Hi G,
      I thought I would have gotten so much farther by now. I think I lost my focus and that is why I am all over the place. I will write more reviews about local restaurants. We have had a few pop up since I first started and I would like to do a cover on them. I do want to include printable grocery list with the recipes. I want to create a format where you can scan the qr code with your found and it will download a copy of the recipe and the shopping list.

      Thanks G for always being in my corner.


  2. Or what you had to change due to having Lupus from a dietary/lifestyle standpoint. That’s my two cents!

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