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What to Cook During a Heatwave?

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2013 at 10:24 pm

National Geographic

National Geographic

Ok , so it has been over 95 degrees everyday this week.  I like many others don’t have central air in my kitchen and try to figure the best way to have dinner without having to buy it everyday.  So this is how my week has gone.

  • Monday: Tacos – 10 minutes to prepare
  • Tuesday: Pasta with Broccoli- 15 minutes to prepare
  • Wednesday: Purchased fry chicken – no time to prepare
  • Thursday: Homemade General Tso  – 20 minutes to prepare


We have made it to Friday and I don’t know what to make.  Today is the worst day of the whole heatwave.  If I lived by myself, a great salad would fit the bill but I live with 5 other males. If I put a salad on the table they will ask me where is the rest of dinner. How many people can relate?

I believe that each meal should have a protein, starch and vegetables.  Tricks that have worked in the past are picking up a few rotisserie chickens, making a pan of rice and a large salad.  I am writing to say, there is nothing wrong with ordering a pizza and serving it up with salad on the side.  There is no reason why you should roast preparing a meal for your family. As long as you are doing the best with what you are giving you are in the right.

Saveur Magazine

Saveur Magazine


I think I am going to take a page out of Ina Garten’s book and pick up a few quality ingredients like fresh pasta, a quality sauce, fresh baked bread and don’t forget to stop by the  farmer’s market  to pick up some produce and voila!

  1. Good Recommendations….Stay Cool!

  2. I can relate….when it’s hot, i make a lot of smoothies, salads (of all sorts) and make sure if I need to cook, that I do it first thing in the morning before the heat takes over! Good post!

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