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What’s on my Grocery List

In Editorial on July 19, 2013 at 10:55 pm

I get asked a lot where do I shop and what do I buy.  I just wanted create a quick list to let you know my thought process.    My weekly budget averages $150 a week.

trader joesFirst of all, I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s.  I like knowing that what I am picking up is nitrate, msg, artificial color and artificial flavor free. Yes it cost more than Shoprite or Pathmark but have you read a food label lately?

Trader Joes: fruit, eggs, dairy, frozen vegetables, cold cuts, pasta, sauces, vegetarian soy products, herbs, kids snacks, dried mango,nuts, pancake syrup, vegetable stock, and tea

whole foodsI purchase most of my chicken and sometimes beef from Whole Foods.  I know what you are asking.  How much does that cost? I set aside $25 to purchase chicken legs and boneless chicken thighs and wings.  Whatever is on sale is what I stock up on.  Why Whole Foods? I have compared Purdue to what I purchase from them and their is a texture difference and a lot less slime .  The poultry pieces also don’t look abnormally large.

Whole Foods: meat, bread and certain snacks, peanut butter


Lastly I shop at BJ’s because somethings I just need to buy in bulk like water, cereal, brown sugar, cornstarch etc…

BJ’s: Orange Juice, cereal, organic lemonade, organic apple juice, V8 Splash, evaporated cane sugar, cornstarch, brown sugar, popcorn and Pirate’s Booty, condiments


  1. I too find that Trader Joe’s has better prices than Pathmark and Shoprite. For meats I like Fairway, they have Bell & Evans chicken and a nice selection of fish for a reasonable prices. I did however, try the ground meat from Trader’s and was pleased with the quality. The Trader Joe’s chicken is bad either….try it.

  2. not bad….

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