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Cracking the Egg

In Editorial on August 9, 2013 at 4:59 pm

????????????????When you are gluten sensitive or diabetic, an egg can become one of your best friends.  Eggs have been called the perfect food because they are inexpensive, low-fat, delicious source of protein.  In my family Lucas and I eat eggs while Alvin and Elias avoid them like the plague.  Alvin avoids them because he is a pesceterian even though he is not a vegan.  Eating a straight out egg freaks him out so he not only avoids eggs, he also avoids mayonnaise.  Elias use to eat them and has now developed a more discerning palette.  He has tried them scrambled, fried and in an omelette and says ” they have no taste!”

Two Fried Eggs Served with Steak and Toast

I learned how beneficial an egg can be to my diet, especially when trying to lose weight, at my old job. My friend Bridget started on the Paleo diet and Crossfit workout and explained that eggs are protein which we know takes longer to burn than a carbohydrates and keeps you fuller for longer period of time. But did you know that eating an egg helps with brain function? It’s true, eggs are rich in Choline which is good for neurological function and also reduces inflammation.  As a person who suffers from chronic inflammation that is music to my ears. For those of you avoiding eating the yolk, you can still benefit from eating eggs. Egg whites are the perfect protein because they are low calorie (70 calories per large egg), and low fat source of protein with a boost of B-12 which provides energy.  The average person should eat 4 eggs a week.  In my research, I found that women who eats 6 eggs per week reduces their risk for breast cancer by 44%.  Lastly there is a myth that eating eggs is bad for cholesterol.  The truth is that eggs are low in saturated fat and if eating in moderation will not have an impact.  Bacon hurts your cholesterol more than eggs and that’s a fact.

MP900441050So you must be wondering, what kind of egg should I eat? On the grocery store shelves you see you regular egg in various sizes,  I strongly suggest STOP BUYING THOSE EGGS!!! They are cheap for a reason because they feed the cheapest and the chickens are treated the worst. In my research, I have found that those chickens are fed a diet of fed that could be antibiotics, steroids, animal scraps.  Who wants that? In the perfect world, eggs would come from chickens that roam in green pastures nibbling on worms and corn but that is not realistic.  I buy free range vegetarian eggs which means that the eggs are not locked up in cages; the chickens get to walk around in an enclosed space and fed antibiotic/steroid free, vegetarian diet.  If you want to go one better, you can an organic egg which is almost the same except their feed is totally organic.  When you seed Omega eggs, those eggs are fed eggs usually enriched with flax seed.

Now that we have deciphered the egg code, we need to be concerned with egg safety.  Salmonella  is serious food borne disease that can really do damage. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever that last for 8 hours to 3 days.  Ways to prevent Salmonella:

  • Watch your hand after handling raw eggs
  • Clean all contact surfaces
  • Cook to a temperature of 140 degrees
  • When poaching eggs or making egg based sauces, use pasteurized eggs



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