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Is it Spring Yet?

In Editorial on April 3, 2014 at 5:54 pm

March Madness 267Holy Mackerel Folks! It is so hard to believe we are over 15 days into spring and places like Minnesota are predicted to get over a foot of snow. On a better not, today in NJ we are supposed to get over 60 degrees;so sorry Minnesota. It was that prediction that motivated me to go on my first fitness walk of 2014. I can’t say I went far because I started to feel my body talk within the first 10 minutes; half a mile seemed adequate enough. My mind wanted to go further but my body said let’s play it safe so we can do it again tomorrow. I gotta say that the walk made me feel like I wasn’t being a lazy fart, I also didn’t feel for a mid-morning nap as I usually do. Maybe it’s the sunshine, the much-needed vitamin D or the fact that it wasn’t freezing that I finally have a need to write. I thank those of you who have been checking to see if I posted and I apologize for not posting this winter. I admit that the clouds, the cold and the darkness did not inspire me to cook or write. The food around here has not been anything exciting.

So what have you been doing over the long exaggerated winter? Stews, soups and casseroles I assume. It’s hard to be excited about the winter that wouldn’t end. I would get so annoyed talking to my brother in Florida when he would gloat about it being 70 degrees when I wish it was just 20 degrees. Born in New Jersey, I pride myself a lover of the 4 seasons. I appreciate what each season offers because they all offer something. I am excited for spring because I am ready to get my hands on produce. My sons and I will try again this year to grow something we can eat. Not blessed with a green thumb, I find this task overwhelming. Elias’s eagerness every spring makes us try. We go to Home Depot, purchase our boxes, soil and seeds only to grow nothing. This year will be different!

We will grow herbs if anything this year; I hear that it is hard to mess that up. I also want to grow some berries or beans. My grandfather’s garden will provide us with onions, tomatoes, callalloo (wild greens from Jamaica) and peppers. I am gonna really try to start with a hydroponic garden which allows me to start growing in water then transplant them to the box. We are determined to grow something we can eat. This means I am gonna be reading a lot of books and blogs. It is because we are foodies and I am so weary about where we get our food and the condition we get it in that I keep trying. Plus I have eaten enough beef this winter to start a small cattle ranch. What? Don’t be shocked that I am not vegetarian, I am a conscious eater. I encourage everyone to be conscious about what they put into their temple.

So let’s say hello to spring and the fresh fruits and veggies. Let’s support our local pop-up farmer’s markets. Dust off those grills and put everything on it…fruits, veggies, clean meats. I’m just so excited to eat outside in the sunshine with the family and some cool tunes in the background. I will deal with fighting the bugs and allergies just to be outside again. Who is with me?
March Madness 269

  1. Helllo “Not-Just-Tofu” ….Hello “Spring” please omit the word Mackeral, just does not blend with T-O-F-U!!. LOL. you friend, indeed!

  2. Makes me feel….walk make me feel(4th sentence.

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  3. I agree with you 100%, Sick ….Sick ….Sick….did I say Sick of this cold, snowy, dark season. Ready for sunshine, pool, beaches, walks and less cloths. C
    an’t wait to dust off the grill…..yummy. Looking forward to fresh fruits and veges. Good luck to you and the boys with your horticulture. Enjoyed your posting.

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