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Event: Lower Your Number – Free Workshop on Hypertension

In Event, Uncategorized on August 14, 2014 at 1:30 am

Hello Everyone,

If you live near Englewood, NJ, I would love for you to join me at “Lower Your Number – A Free workshop on Hypertension.”  I am partnering with my friends at Herbal Bush House to bring you important information on what you can do to help manage your hypertension naturally with herb and whole foods.  This event is scheduled once on Thursday September 4th at 6pm and again on Sunday September 7th at 4pm.  The location is 245 Tenafly Road, Englewood NJ also known as the Community Seventh Day Adventist Church.  This is an independent event from the church.

blood pressureAt this workshop, we won’t be selling you anything.  We just want to provide our community with important information that they may not be getting anywhere else.  There are no promises to cure anyone.  Like with anything else, managing high blood pressure will take commitment and discipline.  After attending the workshop,  you should leave with a sense of optimism that you can win your battle with hypertension.

There will be a presentation made by Herbal Bush House.  I trust these guys because I use them myself to help manage my Lupus.  I have another friend who uses their teas and herbal supplements to manage her MS.  We are not cured but we feel better for using their products. Everyone is different but if you tried everything else and still feel lousy, isn’t this way worth a try? Not Just Tofu will do a segment that includes a cooking demonstration educating everyone on how to tweak their diet to be heart healthy.  I can’t forget that there will be a tasting of a few heart healthy, hypertension fighting recipes too.

The event is free but we would truly appreciate if you would reserve your seat at  I am so excited; this is the second Not Just Tofu event for the year.  I love meeting my followers.  I know that some of you local followers are looking for a hands on cooking class; I am truly working on it.  For more information on Herbal Bush House visit or like their page on Facebook at Herbal Bush House. Hope to see you soon.

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