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Article: Whole Food Cooking Shows

In Cool Stuff, Editorial, Products, Publications and Blogs on October 16, 2014 at 10:24 pm

For the life of me, I don’t know why both The Cooking Channel and Food Network don’t have a vegetarian cooking show.  Do they believe that that vegetarians don’t watch television? So 2 weeks ago I upgraded my Fios service to include the ZLiving channel which is dedicated to whole living.  I thought I would be blown away but I have yet to watch all of the programs. So what am I watching?

Ian KnauerMy first favorite cooking show is The Farm with Ian Kanuer that I watch on NYC TV.  In the New York Tri-state are it comes on Sundays at 9pm. The recipes are not vegetarian but they are wholesome.  He grows most of the produce he uses on his farm; you can’t get more sustainable than that!  He combines and updates fruit and vegetable dishes that agree with the Not Just Tofu style of cooking.  Other channels to check out are Create and surprisingly PBS for whole food cooking.   Learn more about Ian and his new cookbook  “The Farm” at

The Next show is not a cook show per say but you can learn tips and tricks on how to make better meals in your own kitchen.  Good Food America can be found on ZLiving (formerly known as Veria) and NYC TV.  He travels all over the states to meet with restaurant owners that cook whole foods.  Nathan LyonThis show made me realized that their are a lot more whole food restaurants on the west coast than the east coast. Come on east coast; time to catch up! At least when you travel, you have an inside track on where to go.

Delicious TVSome of you may be able to still find Delicious TV with Toni Fiore.  This is a vegetarian cooking show that is so simple.  The dishes she teaches are dishes that you want to make because they make sense in your life.  I was so happy with the show that I went and bought the cookbook.  She has embarked on a new project called Vegan Mashup that teaches only vegan recipes.  Check the website to find out where you can view her program. For more information on both programs visit

Christina CooksIf you are a hardcore whole foods vegan than Christina Cooks is for you! I haven’t reached to the point where I am sweetening things with brown rice syrup or using only brown grains and flours in my recipes.  I watch it because it is very educational. She is so out of my box that I am compelled to watch.  She has a blog too at Check it out.

So if you are looking for cooking shows, please check them out, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and check out their websites.  The more we support these programs the wider the variety of whole food cooking shows will become available.  I’ve written to the Cooking Channel and Food Network and never gotten a response but have noticed that there are more shows cooking the old fashioned way which means without a lot of processed foods.  Baby steps I guess.

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