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Update: Good Food America

In cooking show, danny boome, Editorial, Good Food America, veria program on March 5, 2015 at 10:25 pm

Good Food AmericaOne of my last three post referred you to watch Good Food America.  At that time, I was watching Good Food America on a public television network and the show was being hosted by Nathan Lyons.  Since writing the posts, I have been contacted by the show and notified that the host has been changed in their new season.  I hadn’t watched the new season because I didn’t realize that I had the cable network channel Veria.  I am not endorsing Veria, if you don’t have the channel reruns of the program will do.

If you do have Veria, check out host Danny Boome. I first saw Danny as a guest correspondent on “The Chew”. He is knowledgeable about food, impressionable and energetic.  The show still focuses on presenting eateries that focus on farm to table, organic or vegetarian cuisine.  I hope in the future that producers of Good Food America will focus on eateries in the Northeast, especially in the tri-state area. I do remember one episode of a vegetarian restaurant in Asbury Park and one in Hoboken but I know we have more to offer closer to Bergen County. How often are healthy foodies looking for somewhere to eat that cooks meals featured on the program?

So producers of Good Food America and Mr. Danny Boome, please come visit northern New Jersey once we thaw out.  I would love to visit a hidden gem in the area.  Better yet I would love to turn my readers on to a place they could have a fresh food experience outside of  Whole Foods.

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