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Editorial: A Lucas Update

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Lucas age 8

Lucas age 8

It’s been 2 years since Lucas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For those of you who may have just started on this journey or get overwhelmed while on this journey,just know that it gets better.  Lucas has had his ups and his downs which have been scary but nothing to take him back to the hospital.  This little guy is such a trooper and he wants to be so independent and I think that is what has helped us make along our way.

Our first headache and even now our headache is our insurance.  We fight with them constantly to get his diabetes supplies covered. My first bit of advice is don’t give up!  It cost an arm and a leg for the supplies and they should not be the ones that regulate whether or not your child needs a sensor or an extra visit or which pen he should use.  This is where I went wrong  in the beginning; I let the insurance dictate to me what was in the best interest for Lucas instead of bringing in the physicians and their teams.  So much as been accomplished since combining forces with the doctors and nurses than when I fought on my own.

Something else I want to share with you; don’t be ashamed when you’re not perfect! If you are not a nurse or a dietitian, the diabetic lifestyle is overwhelming. Learning to count carbohydrates in everything bit of food is one challenge. Then there is the challenge of monitoring everything they eat, letting not one snack go unaccounted for is nerve wrecking.  Sometimes you forget what you eat much less what they have for breakfast. There are gonna be days with highs and their are gonna be days with lows. I am going to be honest, in the morning rush I would forget to give Lucas insulin before school.  I thank God that I built a good communication system with the school nurse to the point where she can pick up the phone and ask me questions.  God help me when he sick; I can’t stand keytones!  The monitoring, the math, the worrying is enough to make you sick but because of the love you will do whatever it takes. It’s exhausting but I just think of parents who fight harder fights to keep their kid healthy.  Be thankful!

Finally we are on an insulin pump.  Learning how to live with this device is tricky.  We went through alarms in the middle of the night.  There were times when he has pulled out the tubing. The first type of tubing we were using kept giving us keytones, so much so that we almost gave up on the pump.  I couldn’t give up on it because when it worked it worked well. I’m glad that we didn’t give up because now he is better monitored, the math is done by the device so I can’t give him too much insulin and he has independence.  God be praised because he has a chance at a normal life where he doesn’t have to tote around a bunch of stuff.

I didn’t know what to expect from our life once he was diagnosed.  We have a lot and I do mean a lot of challenges but they have made us both stronger.  The family works together to make sure that he is healthy and provided for.  Whether he is at school, scouts or church he is well looked out for.  I have to thank the village that is helping me out because I wouldn’t want to do it on my own.  Lastly, I thank God for Lucas’ most gentle, comedic, patient and independent character that has turned a mountain into a molehill.

Just a few pics from his “normal life”

Last Christmas with Elias

Lunching in the park


Pouting on family vacation

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