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Restaurant Review: Bonefish Grill

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It was suppose to be date night but I complicated it by making it the night that we had to hunt down and purchase a birthday gift for a friends.  We had an original plan, then switched to plan B but only followed through with plan C.  Plan C left us hungry but when your husband is a pescetarian your options can become quite limited really fast. Frustrated with pain and the fact that we alternated the plan so many times, I put the responsibility on him to find us a place to eat.  He finally decided on the Bonefish Grill in Paramus, NJ.  You may have seen it if you live in my neck of the woods; it’s the restaurant behind the Paramus Park Mall.  I myself have passed this place a million times never knowing what to expect.

What should you expect? I nice intimate atmosphere, ideal for an casual date night.  Each waiter/waitress wears a chef’s jacket which threw me and Alvin off because at first it looks like the chef is coming to the table directly.  Nevertheless it is a nice presentation.  Our server was really nice, I truly apologize that I can’t pay her a true compliment which would be to mention her by name.  We explained that this was our first time and she made it very easy for us to make some decisions.

The menu is mostly seafood but they have chicken and steak too.  I know that you don’t care about that; you want to know about the fish.  So what did we order?  Every table gets a complimentary load of warm ciabatta bread with oil. First we ordered tuna fish tacos.  The tuna was fresh which I truly appreciate, I just which the sauce had more kick to it.  The salad that comes with it is a spring salad with an awesome balsamic vinaigrette; I wish I could have had more of that.  Alvin and I shared an entree of grilled mahi mahi with signature herb pesto sauce. For an additional $2 we order the cutest personal cast iron pan of macaroni and cheese with shallots and truffle oil; we really enjoyed the mac and cheese. I really enjoyed the asparagus with herb sauce…OMG that was so good.  I ate all of it by myself.

Like anywhere we order fish, the portion was small.  Coming from West Indies, Alvin appreciates the whole fish which includes the head and all.  When eateries come out with a portion that can fit in the palm of your hand and charge $15 and more, it is just a great disappointment. It was a good thing that he wasn’t that hungry.  The fish alone was fresh and OK but the sauce made it something to remember.

To finish the night, I had to order dessert.  Good selection but I had to choose the creme brulee. After we ordered all that, we were pleased with the bill because we have been known to blow our budget on a date night.  I would go back and encourage those who like fish to give it a try.  It’s so hard to find affordable, fresh and delicious fish.  We often find places that serve shrimp but we don’t eat shrimp. People often ask us “you eat fish and not shrimp or shellfish?” My answer is always the same, I choose not to eat bottom dwellers because their job is to clean the ocean.  If I am aiming to feed my body good stuff then why would I eat something that cleans for a living.  It’s like drinking the filtered water and eating the filter, thanks but no thanks.  Back on track, if you are a pescetarian, try Bonefish Grill.




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