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No More Chicken for Me Please

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2015 at 1:59 am

This decision to stop eating chicken started in March of 2016.  The month of March was a hard month. I suffered a flare up that focused on my pelvis and my legs for over 3 weeks. During these weeks, my mind suffered high and lows wondering why God made me suffer. I didn’t bother to leave the house often, I didn’t leave the bed for that fact.  While suffering the flare up, I still had to endure multiple migraines which really made me feel like a lump of clay.  It was at my lowest of lows that I decided that something had to change but what?

I would love to say that because of my new diet and exercise workout regimen that I was able to turn everything around but that was not the case.  Instead I did have to go to the doctor and adjust my medication with hopes of easing the pain.  The following 2 weeks the pain did trickle off and I was able to return to myself. Upon returning to myself a light bulb went off, I needed to change my diet and eventually change my exercise regimen.  The first step I decided to take was to stop eating chicken.  Why chicken? People with Lupus are often diagnosed with digestive issues and I am no exceptions. There have been many times that my son has laid upon my stomach and heard it without me feeling it.  On other days there have been days that I have felt terrible discomfort after eating meals, most of which included chicken.

So what have the results been?  It has been successful in my eyes.  I haven’t lost any weight unfortunately but the bloat I would often find in my stomach has diminished.  I do believe that it is due to the fact that I have removed poultry from my diet over the last two months.  I still eat eggs but not as much as use to. I have removed turkey bacon and sausage which has been the trickiest.  What do I eat? I have increased the amount of fish and red meat (mostly lamb) which is ironic to me due that almost every recipe on this site is vegetarian.  Why the red meat you ask? I suffer from anemia and honesty don’t eat enough beans and green leafy vegetables to keep it at bay.

It’s August, I can honestly say that it has gotten easier not to eat chicken.  Can’t lie, I still eat chicken every now and then but I don’t crave it.  I usually eat it when I can’t find another option.  Do I feel better?  Yes, my digestion is a lot better.  Since conquering the chicken thing, I have moved on to gluten free;  I’ll keep you posted.

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