Not Just Tofu

It Hasn’t Been Easy

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2015 at 4:49 pm

InstagramCapture_cdce5c7a-38fa-4107-8e59-ecacfeb4ea2fI have been struggling for a while about blogging. I didn’t know if I was passionate about writing anymore. For the last five years, I have wracking my brain on how to take Not Just Tofu to the next level.  I am boggled by the amount of recipes and post other food bloggers could post in a week; it made me feel that I was inadequate. I lost my confidence as a blogger.

On my hiatus, I met chefs, tried new restaurants and dabbled with ingredients; it still wasn’t enough to sway me to start writing again. Due to my Lupus, I can never pursue my dream of working in a restaurant or caterer.  First I gave up on my dream of having a brick and mortar establishment.  Then I gave up on my dream of owning a food truck. It got me thinking – Am I going to give up on sharing what I know about food?  Once again, my husband gave me a pep talk, a faithful supporter gave me a supportive call and God started buzzing in my ear saying “don’t give up.”

So today, I have made a decision not to give up on myself.  I could compare myself to bloggers who take delicious and beautiful pictures. I could try to be a social media guru updating you about every bite I eat.  I could get in my kitchen everyday and whip up recipe after recipe.  The truth is that I am none of the above.  Instead I am taking a more natural creative process with the hope that I will have take better pictures, improve with social media and trying to produce more recipes and articles.

Until then, I am happy with the 25 WordPress followers and those who are following me on Twitter, Facebook,Tumblr and Instagram.  Side note: I really gotta work on my social media skills.  I just want thank you for being loyal and patient.


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