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Where I’ve been: NYC Foodie Adventure

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I always think I haven’t been up to much, especially because I’ve been sick, but then I look at the pictures.  The pictures say that I have met a celebrity chef at a food festival.  It also looks like I’ve been to a local foodie hot spot, Chelsea Market. So I guess while I wasn’t blogging, I was out exploring the world around me with hopes of being able to write about it.  So let me walk you through it as best I remember it.

Young Love

Young Love

Alvin and I celebrated our 13th year of marriage this past May.  When Alvin and I dated we connected over food.  He being new to the country, he didn’t know a lot about international cuisine.  I remember one of his infamous lines “I don’t eat what I don’t know.”  The foodie in me just couldn’t accept this so almost every date involved eating somewhere new. Thirteen years later, he loves to eat international food.  His favorite thus far has got to be hummus and grape leaves.  So I planned for us to celebrate over a new food experience.  We got in my car and headed to NYC to go to an outdoor farmer’s market, a food festival and a vegan restaurant. Unfortunately, my plan went a whole new way.

Me and Chef Marcus Samuelson

Me and Chef Marcus Samuelson

Waking up earlish is not early enough if you want to get parking so that you can visit and outdoor farmer’s market in the city.  We must of drove in circles for 20 minutes trying to find public parking with no luck.  That being said, we moved on to the food festival, Harlem Eats 2015.  Not wanting to pay for admission, it limited what we could do but what would be the point of paying for food that most likely you wouldn’t eat because Alvin is vegetarian? Trying to make light of the event, I went around and took pictures. The highlight of the day was meeting Marcus Samuelson.  I have always wanted to meet a celebrity chef; surprising to me how nervous I was to approach him for a photo.  It was hot, a lot of people were trying to take a picture and he looked like he had been doing it for a good minute.  With Alvin’s encouragement, I asked for a photo and Alvin took the picture below.  My only regret is that I wasn’t smiling.

WP_20150517_14_17_45_ProAfter that, I guess we were ready to do something else but what? Then it dawned on me, let’s go to Chelsea Market.  When we arrived at Chelsea Market, I was giddy like a small child going to Disney World.  I couldn’t believe that I had finally made it. I loved it; the market was prettier and busier than I expected it to be.  I love the smell of all the different foods.  Alvin wasn’t as excited but I knew it would come when we got to the cheese shop.  Cheese is to Alvin what pork is to barbecue.  Lucy’s Whey was a wonderful place!  We found some wonderful goat cheese, we bought $25 worth.  I got excited when we got to the Spices and Tease spice shop.  So many spices, such rich aromas, they even have tea.  We spent $35 on 4 bags of spices.  Side note – the spices are such good quality that we want to go back.  Lastly we arrived at an Buon Italia, an Italian market, where we bought vinegar, more cheese, French lentils, who know what else because that was almost $60.  We walked, we nibbled on free samples and finally stopped at Amy’s bread, a bakery where we bought a loaf of bread and rice pudding.  I don’t think we liked the bread as much as everything else we bought but it’s OK.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

I thought I could talk about my other adventures in this article but I’ve been a bit wordy already.  Honestly writing about that day has made me think more about writing.  I really did have fun that day.  We finished the day by crossing back over the bridge and ordering another $40 bucks worth of Greek food from It’s Greek to me and yes Alvin order hummus and grape leaves. It was a costly day for folks on a budget, but we don’t regret not one minute.  In fact, we are planning to go back and try the stuff we didn’t get a chance to eat.


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