Not Just Tofu

About NJT

Not Just Tofu was originally created for vegetarians and those who had to cook for them.  After 3 years, I have accepted that I am not going to be a vegetarian any time soon.  That does not mean that I want to stop developing and testing vegetarian recipes, it just means I want to share what I cook for myself too.  I cook healthy, tasty and easy meals for a frugal foodie.Not Just Tofu will teach how to:

  • shop for the healthiest ingredients at your local grocer.
  • make great dishes to entertain with
  • how to make a speciality dishes that everyone will love
  • refer cookbooks and recipes that really work

About Me…

P1050031I am a wife, mother, culinary arts student and aspiring cooking instructor.  I wanted to be a chef but after being diagnosed with Lupus in 2011, I have had to change gears.  I love cooking but I take great delight in teaching people how to cook.  Educating the home cook on how to make something delicious while being good for you gives me such joy. When people eat my food and remember that I made it, I can’t even put that feeling into words.  So I hope that you will enjoy NJT as much as I do.

  1. I love that you are still participating in your passion, even though it looks different that you had originally planned : ) Cooking is not really my (or my husband’s) strong point, so we appreciate all the help we can get – especially when it’s healthy! Thanks for sharing your skills and wisdom with us!

  2. Love the new logo and I always enjoy reading your blog! Great tips and recipes.

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