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Gluten-free Makes a Difference

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IMG_20160803_1140453I took a break to fix my diet, to better my health, to figure out my relationship with food.  I’m glad to say that I have been feeling better than usual and I think it is because of my diet. I use to ask my rheumatologist  about diet and Lupus and he would say “there is no scientific proof that it will make a change in how I feel.” All the proof I need is how I feel.

Prior to changing my diet, I felt sluggish and absent minded.  I also lived my life as if were Russian roulette, never knowing how I would feel when I wake up.  Can’t say that everyday is not a gamble but I live with the game in my favor.  It doesn’t mean I’m not sick because I have bad days but I don’t feel as defeated as I use to.  For the first time I was able to take a vacation without thinking I will be sick for most of the vacation.  Did I get, sick? Yes but I was able to turn it around in less time and I do believe it is because of my diet.

I don’t eat or at least try not to eat gluten and soy foods which include bread, cereal, cookies, cake and pasta.  I have been able to find some great substitutes for my cravings and other things I have had to just forget about.  What is the biggest challenge?  Eating on the go, is next to impossible.  No burgers (not even vegetarian), sandwiches or pizza for me and they were my usual go to foods.  Now my go to is sushi and boy do I love sushi!  My favorite is spicy tuna rolls from this one restaurant close to me.  In a thousand years, I never thought I would eat raw fish but there were more bonuses than there were cons.  It is affordable, convenient to eat on the road, healthy and most of all yummy; don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

So you think that I would be the healthiest eater due to my new diet.  Not so much. I don’t eat as much junk food or fast food due to the limitations and it has helped me to finally lose over 10 pounds.  Unfortunately I skip meals because what I’ve cooked for my family is not something I can eat. I know some of you may be looking down on me because I am not making the whole family eat what I eat but that’s not fair.  I find the easiest way to adjust to this change is to experiment with Paleo recipes but that can be tricky too;  I’ll explain that in post to come. Vegetables should have increased, but my love affair with them is u and down.  I know I can’t be alone; please let me know of the challenges you have faced being gluten-free.




Farmer’s Market Challenge:14-day diet jumpstart

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Me 2015

Me 2015

Many of you have a “mommy body” which means that you are a bit thick in the middle and flabby everywhere else.  Trust me, I am not body shaming anyone because that is how I describe my body type.  Before having my beautiful boys, I was more of a boy shape which means I lacked curves but I was solid and healthy.  After having the boys, I am a full Rome apple meaning that I am very very round in the middle. There is a 50 pound difference in how much I used to weigh before and now.  Frustrated is the most accurate word that describes how I feel about my body.

Me while dating Alvin

Me while dating Alvin

Since being diagnosed with Lupus, I have been struggling with losing weight.  I may lose 5-10 pounds but it never stays off. Taking various medications over the last few years have not helped with my weight loss either.  For many of the medications prescribed, the side effect it weight gain. Only one of them had a weight loss side effect but believe me, it is no Dexetrim.  Do you remember Dexetrim? The Lupus has also made me afraid to exercise.  I was one of those people who became a member of one of the “$10 a month” gyms. In the beginning, I went with high enthusiasm because I thought it would get me skinny.  Instead I felt underwhelmed with 30 minute workouts because I didn’t lose any weight.  So what did I do?  I pushed to 45 minutes, sometimes an hour workout and I would do this 3-4 times a week.  This is totally not healthy for someone with active Lupus.  I ended up flaring more than once that year so I gave it up.  Then a girlfriend asked me to walk with her 3 times a week for 30 minutes.  I loved it because I wasn’t alone so I felt I had to do it.  What happened next? I flared again and this one hurt a lot and for whole lot longer than the ones before.  It’s been almost 2 years and I have been afraid to exercise ever since.

2014 when I lost 10lbs...I think

2014 when I lost 10lbs…I think

I feel a need for a challenge.  I have been watching infomercial after infomercial about 21-day challenge, Daniel challenge, 21-day fix but I know I can’t commit to that. Here in NJ we have outdoor farmer’s markets that come in town once a week, but they are limited on what they provide. The other farmer’s market are indoor and sell fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, dairy and fresh bread.  I propose starting on Sunday with a new diet that I am calling the Farmer’s Market Diet.  For the next 2 weeks, we will eat food that can only be purchased in your farmer’s market.  How is this a diet, for the most part there are no mass produced orhighly processed food; everything is fresh, simple and if you’re lucky organic.  So no chips, no meat, no doughnuts, no coffee (for many of you that is going be major). The next step is to an add raw apple cider vinegar mixture to your morning routine.  This step will help curb your appetite and cleanse your palette.  Lastly, you must drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water that may include a squeeze of lime or lemon which will keep you hydrated. If you can, please try to do some type of physical activity at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes to jump start your metabolism. This is a real challenge.

a few pounds lighter in 2013

teaching NJT a few pounds lighter in 2013

Why are we doing this? I don’t want us to be an apple. I don’t want us to increase our chances for heart disease. I don’t want us to miss out on life because we don’t feel good about ourselves.  We will lose a few pounds by not eating processed foods. We will jump start a new lifestyle that will help our skin, our hair and our life overall.  Are you on board? Sign up on Twitter, Not Just Tofu Facebook page or in comments on the blog-  Come on people, I need a support team; I can’t do this alone.  Three days and counting…

May never be this skinny again, but I'm proud

May never be this skinny again, but I’m proud

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